Scripts and Concepts by Carson Taylor.

“Condom Sense” – Comedy Series Script

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A privately funded Catholic middle school counselor named Vialee takes a job at an adult toy store; after her parochial salary is cut by $25,000. Through making some unlikely friends, she is able to expand her horizons and reevaluate her life goals.

“Mermaid Springs” – Dark Comedy Feature Film Script

Plot under wraps. Bawhahahahahahahahahahaha.

“Shelly” – Drama Short Film Script

In this dramatic and dark short film, Shelly, a struggling QVC host on the verge of divorce and career collapse, experiences a whirlwind of emotions when she unexpectedly wins a $1.5 billion dollar lottery. Her chaotic life, marked by a crumbling marriage, a strained relationship with her rebellious daughter Jenny, and a series of professional mishaps, reaches a boiling point with the shocking windfall, leading to a climactic and transformative moment for the entire family.

“Amish’d” – Comedy Web Series Script

In this comedic web series, a wealthy socialite’s wild night out takes an unexpected detour when she drunkenly hails an Uber and ends up stranded in Amish Country. With no cell service and a series of comedic misadventures, she must navigate the perplexing simplicity of Amish life while trying to find her way back to her opulent reality, learning some hilariously hard lessons along the way.