• I recently worked on a few music videos for Jenna Raine , please watch and share below! More will be coming out soon so be on the look out for those. Check out Jenna Raine on Instagram @itsjennaraine.

  • Hi friends! I have released by ninth body of work named "On My Last Heart." Below in this post and also on my "MUSIC" page, you'll be able to stream the entire album for FREE. If you would like to support ya boy, please go to my "SHOP" page and buy a crop top featuring some new art we have created. We will be adding more designs but each crop top comes with a physical copy of my new album! And if you like them, share them! Going to need all

  • Hi friends, I have been so busy redesigning my website that I forgot to make any blog updates about my actual life. First, now available on iTunes & Spotify is the re-release of my 2016 EP "ADULT." Three brand new songs I recorded for my album "On My Last Heart" are featured on the re-released "ADULT." Click iTunes or Spotify to take a listen now. Announcing it only here: on Valentines Day 2018 (FEB 14 2018) I'll be releasing my full-length album "On My Last Heart" EXCLUSIVELY on my website. Free streaming+download

  • This is just a dumb blog post kind of showcasing my new bedroom and other rooms I've put together. Three years ago I moved from Mansfield, Texas to Boston. I lived in Beacon Hill for two years and just moved to Dorchester. Basically I thought since I'm moving to Los Angeles in July it is time to document all of my many moves. 

  • Any American human under thirty probably has no idea what the world would be like without The Simpsons. They are syndicated, their merchandise is in almost every major retail outlet and after 29 years they have been renewed for two more seasons after the one currently running.  This will put The Simpsons at 669 episodes making it the longest running scripted television series, beating Gunsmoke which held the title previously. The Simpsons have destroyed many television boundaries, set for years before them, with their language and the more adult situations

  • Written Monday, April 17. Originally for my ethics class. Actions can be thoughtless. Actions can be completely impulsive and have no moral backing. But to understand the moral value behind an action, the person must have a preconceived notion of cause and effect. If you do something, there will be an effect and what does that effect impact around you. You would have to understand good behavior vs bad behavior and what category does this action fall under. Steve Stephens, a 37 year old man from Cleveland, Ohio left his girlfriend

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