• Hey Internet, I'm so excited to share with you my new music video for "Popular" directed by DecoyGay. We had so much fun shooting this video and are already working on the next ones. Also if you haven't seen the "Personal Addiction" music video, go watch that one as well. Leave comments and please share if you can. These videos mean so much to me and to our team. Thank you so much for your support. -Carson Taylor &nbsp

  • Hey Internet, I have released by ninth body of work named "On My Last Heart." Below in this post and also on my "MUSIC" page, you'll be able to stream the entire album for FREE. If you would like to support ya boy, please go to my "SHOP" page and buy a crop top featuring some new art we have created. We will be adding more designs but each crop top comes with a physical copy of my new album! And if you like them, share them! Going to need all

  • Hey Internet, I have been so busy redesigning my website that I forgot to make any blog updates about my actual life. First, now available on iTunes & Spotify is the re-release of my 2016 EP "ADULT." Three brand new songs I recorded for my album "On My Last Heart" are featured on the re-released "ADULT." Click iTunes or Spotify to take a listen now. Announcing it only here: on Valentines Day 2018 (FEB 14 2018) I'll be releasing my full-length album "On My Last Heart" EXCLUSIVELY on my website. Free streaming+download

  • Hey Internet, This is just a dumb blog post kind of showcasing my new bedroom and other rooms I've put together while living in Boston. 

  • I'm very deep into writing my new album. It's called "ON MY LAST HEART" and I think this song is a great representation of the vibe I'm going with. Very moody and smart. A lot of my older work is a little repetitive, and now more than ever I've needed a way to vent so lyrically I'm advancing. I'm very proud of this song, please let me know if you like it.

  • In the 1990's and early 2000s, the music industry was at it's economic peak. By 2001, CD sales had hit an all time high of $15 billion. Record labels were in charge of every aspect of the artist and the direction of their music. Groups like TLC, N'Sync, and The Spice Girls were all created by record executives almost to extort money out of them via their contracts. The label would get a percentage of actual album and single sales but could and would take a higher cut if they

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